To evoke old habits still held today

Old habits and traditions meet around the Sant Crist in Balaguer, the Ranxo in Ponts, the Plantada del Xop (Black poplar Planting) in Vallfogona de Balaguer, the Trobada de Campaners (Encounter of Bell Ringers) in Os de Balaguer, the concerts in the castles… Other festivals that stand up because of their peculiarity are the Transsegre in Balaguer, the Casseroles Competition in Albesa, the living cribs in Camarasa, Térmens and Penelles, the representation of the Passion in Balaguer…

To savor the festivals, the fairs and the markets

The fairs like that of the Melon and that of the Wine in Artesa de Segre, that of the Partridge in Vilanova de Meià, the Fair of Christmas in Àger or the May Fair in Balaguer, and the typical weekly markets in Balaguer, Artesa de Segre and Ponts are the best showcase for the regional products. Craft demonstrations like that of the “forcaire” of Alentorn are curious expressions of ancestral works. Other cultural expressions as the period cars encounters in Àger, the Fair of Santa Llúcia, the Firauto and the Antiquaria in Balaguer also attract visitors more and more.