Cozy corners to watch fantastic beauty

Noguera, the largest region of Catalonia, occupies a large territory with a varied landscape. Emphasizes the majesty of the mountain range of Montsec, which divided by the rivers Noguera Pallaresa and forms the Ribagorçana Montsec d’Ares and Montsec de Rubies. The passage of these rivers has cuts and impressive wild canyons of Terradets and Mont-rebei.

Following the same direction are the valleys of Àger and Coma Meià a series of mountain ranges and intermediate Montclús, Sant Mamet, Sant Miquel, Mont-Roig, Carbonera … hosting caves, chasms and places of amazing beauty. Noguera Alta contrast with the plains of the Noguera Baixa occupies a wide expanse of soft earth watered by canals and channels. The landscape is full of these vast plains of green fodder, cereals and fruit trees.

To recreate into the largest space of calm waters of Catalonia

Areas of great natural beauty coalesce around Camarasa reservoirs, pipes, Santa Ana, San Lorenzo de Montgai and Rialb, which make up the largest space • the calm waters of Catalonia. Among the green wooded landscape and the blue of the water areas are spaces surrounded by a rich and varied fauna and flora, as we can see in the natural reserve of San Lorenzo de Montgai and the confluence of the Segre Noguera Pallaresa.

Segre River crosses much of this vast territory between cliffs and fantastic places such as the Salgar gorge and sky Rubio reaching downstream in Alos de Balaguer, where the river is encased forming the gorge Mu, a the most impressive landscapes of its course.

In its route creates large leafy riverbanks bultres filled with alders, poplars, willows, elms, ivy … and spill their waters are rivers like the Rialb the Llobregós Boix, the Zion and the Farfanya Noguera Ribagorçana .